Why Is Diolaze XL So Effective for Laser Hair Removal?

Diolaze XL

Are you looking to get rid of unwanted body hair without painful waxing and plucking? Laser hair removal with Diolaze XL is a safe and effective solution to your unwanted body and facial hair for every skin type. For more information about Diolaze XL and hair removal, contact AURAE MD in La Jolla, CA with any questions.

What Is Diolaze XL?

Diolaze XL is a laser hair removal solution that safely provides the most effective hair removal with the gold standard wavelength. The laser is handheld and administered by a doctor or specialist to target the hair follicles in the treatment area. Diolaze XL was developed by Inmode to remove hair from the entire body painlessly and efficiently. The treatment is cleared by the FDA for the safe elimination of unwanted body hair.

How Is Diolaze XL So Effective for Laser Hair Removal?

Diolaze XL is an FDA-cleared hair removal treatment that provides a shorter clinical treatment time. The device combines the technology of the pulsing golden standard wavelength laser energy with a sapphire 3CP tip to cool the treatment area. This allows the device to treat more skin types faster with no pain or downtime. Enjoy quick hair removal treatment from Diolaze XL and never worry about waxing or shaving again.

Fast and Efficient

Diolaze XL eliminates hair growth evenly and quickly. Diolaze XL uses the gold standard wavelength to achieve powerful results. Treatments take only 20 to 30 minutes rather than 40 minutes per session. Patients will enjoy results in fewer sessions than with other laser treatments. The 3PC cooling in the laser therapy device means patients can remain comfortable with fewer breaks.

Provides Permanent Hair Removal Results

Laser hair removal with Diolaze XL is permanent. The treatment targets the follicles precisely to eliminate hair growth. When the treatment has been completed, the treated hair follicles will no longer grow. Patients will no longer have to wax, pluck, or shave the treated area, and touch-ups are not necessary.

Safe and Painless

Diolaze XL is safe for all skin types: even the darkest of skin referred to as skin type IV. The 3PC cooling keeps the skin at a comfortable temperature and prevents damaging or burning the skin. The laser only targets the pigment in the hair follicles to heat and destroy the follicle. At AURAE MD, all treatments are carried out by Dr. Margo Aura Emami to ensure safety and precision. This will not result in scarring, and there is no need for downtime or recovery time.

How Does Diolaze XL Compare to Other Hair Removal Methods?

Compared to other laser hair removal solutions, Diolaze XL provides faster treatment in fewer sessions. Older laser therapy methods are not safe for people with type IV skin, but Diolaze XL is safe for all skin types. Electrolysis is another hair removal option, but it requires numerous sessions that can be long and painful.

Most people are familiar with shaving, plucking, and waxing, each of which can be time-consuming and expensive over a lifetime. Since hair removal with Diolaze XL is permanent, you will never have to worry about not having time to shave or forgetting your wax session, so there are no embarrassing moments.

What Parts of the Body Can Be Treated?

Diolaze XL is safe enough to remove hair from the entire body and most of the face. The treatment can eliminate thick and dark hair with ease and is gentle enough to be used on the face and bikini area. The 3CP cooling sapphire tip provides painless comfort for all treatment areas. Patients can even have multiple parts of the body treated in a single session.

Some areas of the body that patients commonly undergo hair removal are:

  • Upper arms and forearms
  • Back
  • Bikini area
  • Chest
  • Chin and neck
  • Legs
  • Sideburns
  • Shoulders
  • Stomach

How Many Session Will I Need?

Diolaze XL treats the hair follicles faster than other laser therapy treatments and can be completed in four to six 20 to 30-minute sessions. Smaller treatment areas like the upper lip can be treated in minutes, and multiple areas of the body can be treated in a single session. Each session will be approximately four to six weeks after the previous session to allow for a thorough treatment. During this time, the treated hair follicles will become inactive and the hairs will fall out.

Is It Right for Me?

If you want to remove hair from your body permanently, Diolaze XL may be right for you. You will no longer have to shave or pluck daily, and you won’t have embarrassing hairs if you forget to visit the salon for a wax. Laser hair removal is an excellent option for people of all genders, ages, and skin types. The treatment is not painful or uncomfortable, and it fits into even the busiest schedules.

The treatment sessions are performed in full at AURAE MD and patients can return to work or their normal routine the same day without any downtime or recovery. The treatment is not recommended for women who are nursing or pregnant and children under the age of 18.

Your Safe and Permanent Hair Removal Solution

If you are ready to experience the most effective hair removal treatment, visit us  for an initial consultation today. Diolaze XL provides patients of all skin tones with safe and fast treatment. Enjoy painless hair removal in fewer treatment sessions. Save time and money on shaving and waxing with a permanent solution.

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